Expert Tips To Revise College Admissions Essay

Expert Tips To Revise College Admissions Essay In 2024

Oh, so you have completed the first draft of your college admission essay! This is indeed a great milestone! Exceptional essays are not bought into this world by simply penning down first thoughts.

Instead, they are made by editing and revising the penned-down material to make it more polished. We agree that editing and revising an entire college admission essay seems like another chore!

But there are some ways to do it efficiently and in a short period of time. If you wish to know these ways, then we suggest you continue reading below!

In this blog, we have shed light on some expert tips to revise your college admission essays. So, let us get started!

Get Into Your Dream College | Expert Tips To Keep Your Admission Essay Error-Free

Tip No. 1 – Check For Overall Message, Flow, And Clarity

While revising your college admissions essay for the first time, do not focus too much on grammatical errors. Only read through the entire essay to check the overall flow, content quality, message, etc. You can also seek help from trustworthy admission essay writing services to go through your essay.

#1 – Check Your Overall Message

Once you have gone through your college essay, now is the right time to answer the following questions:

  1. What message does your essay give away?
  2. Did you answer the prompt?
  3. Does it just tell a story, or does it end with an insight?
  4. Do you use stories and examples to demonstrate your values?
  5. Is it focused on you, or is it too focused on another idea or person?

If any of your answers to these questions are negative, then feel free to rewrite your essay to fix these issues.

#2 – Check Transitions And Flow

You should underline your paragraph’s topic and transition sentence to envision whether a natural flow and clear structure are maintained all through your essay. If required, rearrange or rewrite these transition sentences and topics to craft a logical outline. Then, reread the whole essay to see whether it flows naturally or not. Moreover, review that your application essay’s introduction captures the audience’s attention and that you end your essay with an efficient payoff that constructs what comes before.

#3 – Check For Content Quality

Highlight any areas that are unnecessary, unclear, or those you find boring. Afterwards, go back and delete those unnecessary words or sentences, clarify the unclear parts, and embellish the boring sections with funky language to captivate your readers. Make sure each and everything in the essay is displaying what the colleges are hunting for: your positive traits, personality, interests, and much more.

Tip No. 2 – Check For Style And Tone

To make sure that you use the perfect tone for your essay, check whether there is a positive and polite tone, authenticity, vulnerability, and a balance between formal and casual. Take this as your cue to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does the essay sound like you? Do your word choices seem natural?
  2. Is it vulnerable? Do you write about yourself in a way that demonstrates genuine self-reflection?
  3. Is the tone of your essay conversational but respectful?
  4. Is it respectful and polite about sensitive topics?

#1 – Read It Aloud To Catch Errors

Hearing your paper read aloud can help a lot to detect problems with voice and style that you might miss while reading it silently. For instance, you might use some words repeatedly, use vocabulary that sounds unnatural, have unparalleled sentence structures, and much more. You must read your essay aloud multiple times throughout the revision process. This can also assist you hunt down punctuation and grammatical errors. You can try doing this:

  1. Read it aloud yourself
  2. Have someone read it aloud for you
  3. Put it into a text-to-speech program
  4. Record yourself and play it back

Tip No. 3 – Details: Check For Grammar And Punctuation

After revising all of the issues mentioned above, read your essay again for punctuation and grammatical errors.

#1 – Run Spell Check

First of all, you need to run a spell check in your word processor to pinpoint any visible punctuation, grammatical, or spelling mistakes.

#2 – Punctuation, Capitalization, And Verb Errors

There are some chances that a spell check might miss some tiny errors here and there in capitalisation and punctuation. With verbs, look for perfect verb tense and subject-verb agreement.

#3 – Sentence Structure

Revise your paper to search for common sentence structure mistakes such as run-ons and sentence fragments. Throughout your essay, make sure your sentence structures and lengths vary to maintain an interesting flow. Check for parallel structure in more difficult sentences. Maintain clarity by correcting any misplaced or dangling modifiers.

#4 – Consistency

Try to remain consistent with your use of verb tenses, contractions, and acronyms. If you are having trouble using them, you can seek reputable college essay help. Whenever you reuse an essay for a different university, make sure to replace any references or names from the previous university.

Tip No. 4 – Feedback: Get A Second Opinion

You must get feedback on your college essay prior to submitting your application. Stick to about two to three people to steer clear of getting a lot of conflicting bits of advice. Seek feedback from the people who are well-acquainted with you, such as your family members, friends, teachers, etc. It is also vital to get feedback on the tone, content, and overall flow of your essay from anyone who is familiar with the college admissions process and possesses strong language skills. You might also want to consider seeking expert help from an editor or essay coach. Editors must only give suggestions and advice, they must never rewrite your essay on your behalf.

Summing It All Up!

And that is all, folks! Every dedicated student wants to submit a perfect college admission essay, but only a few know how to do so. By reading this blog, you are now well-acquainted with everything that you need to do in order to revise your paper to attract the eyes of the recruiter. So, what are you waiting for? Go on and start working on your admissions paper to secure a place in your dream college in no time at all. We assure you will do just fine by keeping these tips in mind.