write an argumentative essay

How to write an argumentative essay: The only guide you need

We all somehow try to run away from the writing of essays. Isn’t that so?

Remember the golden days from school when it felt so boring to write essays and we all used to avoid it to the maximum extent? But who knows that essay writing in schools is performed to develop the writing skills in the students.

Being in college and university told us how important it was to master the skills of essay writing! Sounds relatable?

Narrowing the broad umbrella of ‘Essay writing, do you know different types of essay writing?

I know, a lot of you would have jumped off your couches because you don’t even like to write simple essays then how would you be able to digest the types of essays? I have gone through the same feelings so I can understand you way so well!

So let’s begin this short and quick guide about one of the most popular types of essay- The Argumentative Essay.

Are you ready to dive in with me? Betting you right here, you won’t be disappointed and will leave with a handful of tips for writing excellent argumentative essays.


Truth should always be told, writing has always been intimidating and one of the most daunting processes for so many people!

Even the pro writers and masters from the writing industry face writer’s block and are not able to write for an hour and sometimes for a day or two!

When it comes to students and commoners, this could be pretty hard for them to understand the topic of the essay efficiently. Penning it down in the form of an essay is itself another part of the debate!

The topics of essays are always belonging to different types of essay writing mainly; descriptive, narrative, expository, argumentative, persuasive, analytical, and reflective. We are right now going to focus on an argumentative essay.

The argumentative essay is the type of essay that requires an individual to investigate the topic from the scratch. The writer is himself responsible for the collection, generation, and evaluation of the data and evidence. These types of essays require massive research, but argumentative essays must be written in a concise and precise manner.

The core motive of writing an argumentative essay is to establish a position on an issue by providing several reasons and major pieces of evidence. A lot of the students are unable to bring strong evidence for their topic and they need to take the help of experts from essay help online.


This could be pretty daunting and perplexing for the students to write an outstanding argumentative essay. Since it is the type of essay where you have to sound firm with your points and here, a lot of the students miss their target of achieving good marks.

Always remember, if it is the writing of an excellent argumentative essay then your essay must include,

  • An outstanding and unique topic that could encourage the reader to read
  • Explanation and consideration of all sides of an issue honestly
  • An essay should be compelling enough to persuade the reader for a new perspective
  • Strong evidence for the justification of your arguments

Now I am going to break down the simplest and easiest steps for you that would help you to write the argumentative essay.

Introductory paragraph:

The first paragraph of the essay should be outlined with respect to the topic. This is very important to write a compelling and strong introductory paragraph that could provide the reader with the background information. This is also necessary to understand the argument that would further help to outline the thesis statement.

Thesis statement:

Argumentative essays are based on the thesis statement. You need to have a strong thesis statement as it serves as the backbone of your argumentative essay. The thesis statement must also be a concise and short summary of your main claim.

Body paragraphs:

The body paragraphs of the argumentative essay comprise three and more paragraphs that explain the reasons in support of your thesis statement. You can back up your claim with examples, researches, statistics, studies, and text citations as well.


This is the last paragraph of your essay that should be restating the thesis and should summarize all the valid claims perfectly. A good conclusion could appeal to the reader’s emotions and would provide them with a new perspective.


After completing your essay, make sure to recheck it a couple of times. Additionally, create the thesis statement by turning your topic into a question and then answering it. You must state an argument and then refute it. This is the best way to create an outstanding thesis statement.

THE BOTTOM LINE: An engaging argumentative essay should be having a clear thesis statement in the beginning. Furthermore, it must move ahead with logical reasoning that should be supporting the thesis statement. Samples and shreds of evidence in relevance to the topic would also make the essay stand out from the others. This guide will surely help you to write a compelling and effective argumentative essay.