How to Write Compare and Contrast Essay?

Students find it challenging to write regardless of the purpose. The task becomes more troublesome when it is specified. The professors in order to polish the students writing capabilities and help them bring out the best in them make their academic expedition tough. The compare and contrast essay is the most favorite of their assignments which make students live a nightmare. This essay makes it certain for the students to explore every aspect of the topic. This exploration makes them nurtured on every angle of the topic concerned. In case, you have been assigned a similar task, having a look at the enlisted questions below, will make this task a less hectic.

Q1: Difference between the term compare and contrast?

Compare and contrast essay explores each and every angle of the topic assigned or selected. The term compare is concerned with the similarities and differences both whereas the contrast is related to the difference only. The paper studies the various sides of the topic,

Q2: What are the things to be considered when writing an essay?

Regardless of the discipline or the topic selected, one thing that remains consistent in all the compare and contrast paper is the structure. The conventional structure followed in the paper is as follows:

  • Introduce the main idea

To keep the reader hooked to the paper, it is essential to provide a killer start. Jot down the most interesting fact about the topic which sets out the paper theme. Ensure that the thesis statement is incorporated in it. You can pre-work on it and form an outline.

  • Form an argument

Developing an argument means determining the claims that you are set to make in it. you should list down the points which can be used for augmenting a statement. Make sure every point you mention in the paper, holds some authentic evidence behind it. Induce the most interesting facts or detail for supporting every statement you exhibit in the paper.

  • Counter the opposing site

It means to illustrate points which make the other side claims weak. For this, it is required that some time and research should be taken into place to get hands on the more relevant examples that contradict the statement presented by the opposing team. To strength your point, you can use two to three sets of examples as well.

  • Conclusion

In it, the thesis statement is restated. It further provides the brief of the overall paper and stresses why your side of the paper is right. It only restates the points which have been highlighted in the paper so that all the reader has gone through are refreshed. Make sure you do not incorporate a new statement in it.

Q3: What sources can be used for topic selection?

The sources that are quite handy in finding out an outstanding topic are:

Newspaper: No other source tops this one. It withholds all the necessary and latest news which form a streamline of ideas. Since it holds diverse topics from opinions of the expert to the fluctuation in various sectors, students can analyze it thoroughly and can determine the topic which can assist in the accomplishment of high grades.

News channels: This source supplies in the latest ongoing happenings around the world. It hosts the various contemporary topic which can be utilized by the students in their compare and contrast essays.

Journals and Magazine: The main reason why professors have not restricted you to a certain topic is that they want you to explore. This exploration results best when the exploration is done in the student preferred field. It serves as the best resource for the people who are more inclined to topics such as technology, sports and more which are devoid of religious aspects, politics, and economics.

Academic Activities: Remember the last time you enjoyed in a seminar or perhaps a workshop which opened door to new perspective and more, if yes, then perhaps you can select a topic relevant to it. Such as why do you feel inclined towards it and what pushes you away? Devise ways to make most of these activities.

Internet: Hands down the ultimate source for not only students but for every individual. It assimilates ideas from all around the world and presents them to us in nano-seconds. If you fail to gather idea from the above-listed sources than this is your knight in the shining armor which helps you fight in all the academic nightmares.

Q4: What are the topics that can be selected for writing compare and contrast essays?

The topic selection determines the strength of the compare and contrast paper produced. A list of topics was discovered while exploring the site of the essay writing service UK. The topics range from politics to health to hospitality such as Rugby and football, President Obama and President Trump, French and American Revolution, SAT and TOEFL, Nazism and Fascism, City and Village life, and more.

Q: What are the tips for producing an interesting compare and contrast essay?

In order to produce a mind-blowing paper, gets your skill polished by following these tips:

  • Brainstorm

Before finalizing the side you want to focus on the paper, make sure to explore it from each and every angle. View the paper as a blank canvas as paint it with your thoughts. Once the thoughts are gathered organize them. You can also question yourself for the details you want to integrate into the essay.

  • Seek guidance:

A fine line exists between seeking help and getting the work done. Students use the online service provides as their getaway from the academic challenges. Don’t be that, instead use these services for guidance. The guidance can also be gathered from the movies, pictures, snapshots, articles and more.

  • Use the magical words

The words such as compared to, yet, also, like, regardless, despite, similar to, similarly, likewise, again, yet, while, even though unlike and more are referred to as magical words. It is because they back up the intentions and the points which we have stated.

  • Proofread and Edit

It is essential to read the piece of paper generated. Read it thoroughly to determine the errors and mistake. Also, correct them accordingly. You must also make sure that the references entered are all formatted properly and the evidence provided is derived from authentic resources. Once done you are good to go and submit it.

Sum up:

In order to hone the skills for crafting the perfect compare and contrast paper, persistence and consistency are important. Make sure you study all the aspect listed above to generate a paper which acquires the grades you seek.