Best English Speech Topics for Students

Many interesting and fascinating ideas come our way when we are not planning to speak over them. And once we become determined to fire the stage with our speech skill, the funnel of ideas get choked. If similar is the situation with you, then my friend you are not alone. To be honest, speech is not a child’s play. It requires great effort, courage, and confidence to actually conquer the platform and be able to portray out your perspective in front of the people. Before actually laying out the topics, let’s first polish those speech skills for delivering a killer speech like a complete ninja speaker.

Some killer tips to ace those speeches

Sharing some remarkable tips which have been reported to actually make a difference in the deliverance of the speech.

  1. Perform the Speech

Speeches are words, but if these words are delivered in a performance manner, they create a powerful impact. Through performance, you get to create an aura of suspense, mystery, tension and much more, based on how you want the audience to perceive the information or the words coming out of your mind. Speech is often termed as a one-man show, you are that man, that central player who has this immense power to manipulate, persuade, or amplify the notion in the heads of the listeners. The performance along the words allows the speaker to engulf the audience attention, and keep them captivated. Start devising your act once you have completed the process of crafting a speech to leave a lasting impression on the minds of the reader.

  1. Maintain Eye Contact

Eye contact is crucial when we want to make a point. The master at this speech art is someone who has the power to maintain the eye contact with the listener. It takes time and effort, but once you have a strong grip on this art, you can effectively convey your point across, without them knowing about it. It also portrays a point to the listener that the speaker is making an effort to be engaged with the audience, improving the chances of making a change through his speech.

  1. Make it Interactive

Remember, you are not a teacher and listener is no student. Don’t make it a seem like a class. Instead, adopt an interactive approach which keeps the audience involved throughout the delivery. An interactive approach also assists in engaging the listener who also provides his input on the points or ideas shared. This approach breaks through the barrier formed between the audience and the speaker which prevents the receiver from falling asleep. This also exhibits the notion that you are open to their perception and views which makes them attentive to every word that comes out of your mouth.

  1. Impressive Postures

Postures are predominantly an important part of an individual. The aim of the speaker should be to convey the message in a comfortable and authoritative manner. The body movement, hand gestures and more fall in the category of postures. The posture is one thing which the audience witness before the inception of the speech itself. Therefore, demonstrate a strong first impression through it. A straight and balanced posture portrays you as an authoritative speaker whereas the slouched posture can give out the message that you are mediocre or dull. Never, I repeat never show them that you are anxious or terrified of it; keep a strong and confident façade to light up the stage with your remarkable and expressive speech. Exhibit out confidence and strong aura to shine through speech, conceal every second, and sign which lighten up your spark.

  1. Play with voice volume, speed, and tone

The ultimate weapon that the speaker holds is his voice. The degree of volume, the pitch of the voice, the varying tones, and the speech are all those assets which can take your speech to the next level. The pitch of the voice can be used for the exhibition of the authority by scaling it up and down. Furthermore, the higher the voice volume, the more authority it demonstrates. These are minor details but have the potential which can completely change the impact of the speech delivered. Therefore, makes sure you make the most of these degrees and variations to attain the most of the benefits associated with it.

Some killer topics for best speeches

It can be a very challenging task for students to come up with an English speech topic. College students are often engulfed in thousands of an academic task, that they neglect the importance of the topic on the audience. To assist you in the exhibition of your true speech potential in your college, few topics have been enlisted below:

  1. How can money be saved in college?
  2. How is adopting pets the best choice?
  3. What should things be considered when organizing a party?
  4. Reality shows, an entertainment or a headache.
  5. College hostels
  6. Money, college, and friends
  7. eBay and money
  8. Music an escape or distraction
  9. Are celebrities, public servant, puppet, or neither?
  10. Can athletes be considered as role models?
  11. Childhood days and its memories
  12. Influencers and bloggers, what makes them different
  13. The worst memory a child can have
  14. Divorced parents and the struggling child
  15. What makes the family an actual family
  16. The power of I, Me, and Myself.
  17. Friends and best friend, the difference
  18. Flat tire and its memories
  19. Invigilator and students, a story no one told
  20. The competitive world and the struggling student
  21. Job search and job hunt
  22. New place, new people and the new challenges
  23. Hurricanes and tornadoes for students
  24. The end of the world
  25. Depression and its fight
  26. Suicide and its after consequences
  27. Caffeine, a need, desire, or an act
  28. Should Sex education be provision?
  29. What not to do on your date?
  30. The hard truths about civil disobedience
  31. New year, new goals and new dreams
  32. Talk shows and their impact
  33. Teenage pregnancies
  34. Abortion and its after effects
  35. Young couples and precautionary information
  36. Guns, and its control
  37. Assignment help and students
  38. The changing education trends
  39. Drugs and its therapy
  40. Students and drugs overdose
  41. Physical activity and its benefits
  42. Sports and its neuroscience benefits
  43. Driving test, students ultimate nightmare
  44. Jackets and its hacks
  45. PMS, a natural phenomena
  46. Cancer and its types
  47. Gang and violence
  48. The turning point in everyone’s life
  49. The actual climax of an individuals
  50. Abortion and its legalization
  51. Permitting marijuana
  52. Illiteracy and its impact
  53. Media story and the actual story
  54. The moment my life changed
  55. If I have $10000000
  56. One day as the president
  57. Vacations, how to make most of them?
  58. Energy drinks, should, or should not?
  59. Practice and commitment
  60. Child, and his nursing
  61. Weight loss and Mass building
  62. Cells, tablets, or laptops?
  63. Smoking: its benefits and side effects
  64. Entertainment on a budget
  65. Life on Mars
  66. Talent and its exhibition
  67. Talent shows, should be held or not?
  68. What makes Martin Luther King a King?
  69. Ancient time and its growth
  70. History of the internet and humans before
  71. Self-esteem and physical appearance
  72. Money and confidence
  73. Tea or coffee?
  74. Breakup tips and its usage
  75. How to save friends from the wrong girl
  76. Cardio and Yoga
  77. Fillers, should or should not?
  78. Plastic surgery and its outcomes
  79. Telephone and headphones
  80. School dropout and opportunities
  81. College education and its importance
  82. The contrast of the public school system with the private school system
  83. Teachers pay and it raises
  84. Credit card and a cashless society
  85. Why should museums be present?
  86. Driverless car
  87. All that glitters is not gold
  88. The contrast of satellite vs. cable television
  89. Emission of carbon dioxide
  90. The hard truth about nerds
  91. Bikes, cars, and roads
  92. Trump and his tweets
  93. Miss world and contestants
  94. The royal marriage
  95. Students on a strike
  96. Papers and need for cheat
  97. Advertising and Marketing, what makes them different
  98. Difference between company and enterprise
  99. Social media and SEO
  100. Homosexuals and military


Closing remarks

The topics and the tips have been illuminated to help students exhibit their viewpoint and their persuasive speech power to the entire audience. Choose the topic which interest you and on which you are confident. Just remain consistent and persistent with your speech practices, and hopefully, all your endeavors will be fruitful.