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Do you want to ace your assignments with flying colors? Who actually doesn’t want to do that? Have you proofread it? Before submitting the assignments, essays or any personalized writing material, you must ensure that they are proofread and edited well enough. Proofreading is regarded as an imperative step before declaring the document as complete. Proofreading is the process of eliminating the punctuation errors, grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes which disrupts the flow of the writing piece.

Importance of Proofreading Content:

Have you ever realized the potential harm these errors could impose on your grades? Let’s give it a look. Imagine an impressive essay with the perfect opener, twisting plots, top-notch vocabulary, and creative insight gets a 60 on 100 due to silly mistakes? Is it fair enough? Obviously no! Therefore, the importance of proofreading should not be underestimated in an essay. Some major writing mistakes tend to affect content of the essay. On the other hand, errors hold great importance in the content for the teachers as well as for students. To teachers, it depicts the performance of the students and to the learners, it teaches the ways to learn from the errors.

The Process of Proofreading:

Conventionally, the method of proofreading doesn’t have a pre-determined pattern; however, some of these strategies could be followed up to produce the quality essays. Visual inspection of the sentence structure and spellings is the core of all strategies; however, it takes place simultaneously with reading aloud. Take plenty of time to proofread instead of hurrying and allow enough time between several pieces of reading as it enables a fresh approach to each piece. After proofreading the document yourself, you could even take the assistance of your friend, teacher, or anyone who has the technical knowledge of proofreading. Generally, it is advised that you should not rely heavily on the computer’s spell checks, different software and grammar checks for your essays. The software is based on the previously implemented rules and they don’t give preference to the complex sentence structures. Proofreading is a process which leads to your self-evaluation and growth; thus, it is recommended that you should personally proofread essays.

Some Common Writing Mistakes:

You might have become quite familiar with the process of proofreading; however, getting acquainted with some common writing mistakes would inevitably assist you throughout the process.

  1. Structure Errors

Many of the students don’t realize the importance of structures in essays. The structural mistakes could disrupt the intended meaning as well as the general appearance of the essay. Furthermore, the absence of flow and poor division of content between the paragraphs could fail to deliver the meaning.

  1. Many Clichés

Clichés are ubiquitous expressions or ideas which have been overused in the essay. These tend to decrease the quality of student’s work because they consume a large amount of the text. This text could be replaced with relevant information.

  1. Grammatical Mistakes

Grammatical mistakes are the mistakes made by a majority of the students. On the other hand, it reflects the poor knowledge of the language and lack of dedication by the writer. It exhibits the lack of interest and preparedness for the writing piece and lowers down the quality of the work.

  1. Long runny sentences

Runny sentences make the readers bore and decrease the level of understanding of the content. Furthermore, there are high chances that these sentences are prone to mistakes such as punctuation errors. Therefore, the short sentences are preferred more by the technical writers.

  1. Punctuation mistakes

Punctuation holds the vital importance in any piece of writing as it can notably change the meaning of the sentence, leaving readers in confusion. Level of readability, understanding, and coherence is naturally increased by proper punctuation.

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