Best Essay Writing Tips from Expert Writers

The word “writing” is becoming more and more significant in the academic and business world.  The aptitude of writing well is a precious dexterity.  Albeit it might be hard to develop, but it is definitely something in which you can perk up. Here are some of the expert tips for your essay to make sure your writing hits the mark.


Understanding the Question is the Key:

This may sound like fairly a banal advice, but fact is failing to fully understand the question often results is one of the major causes of substandard grade. Ahead of writing, make sure you interpret the essay question meticulously. According to Dhan S.,

“To write a good essay, you firstly need to have a clear understanding of what the essay question is asking you to do. Looking at the essay question in close detail will help you to identify the topic and ‘directive words.”

The phraseology of the question will divulge how the essay is supposed to be written, which things and areas should the essay spotlight  as you write.


Make Proper a Schedule

Grasping fully the essay question means you have crossed the first hurdle but it is evenly imperative for you to do optimal use of the available time. For that, making a schedule is strongly recommended. Stephanie Allen read Classics and English at St Hugh’s College, his tip is that:

 “Make a little timeline for your essay. Make a list of everything you want to read and try to get hold of all your material before you start. Think about how long you’re going to spend reading and researching, planning, and writing – leaving a day or two before the deadline to make any significant changes.”

Set deadlines for yourself and stay committed to ensure that you are not left with so much work to do right before the deadline.


Do Research Before You Write:

Erin Brenner, editor of the bimonthly newsletter suggests that:

“Writing is the last step in the writing process. Make sure you’ve done your research and created a detailed outline before you start writing your essay. You can’t write well if you don’t have anything to write with… Write from a wealth of information. It’s far better to have more than enough material to write from than not enough.”

Research first, write second. If you are not sure you know about a topic, you are not prepared to start writing on the paper.


Structure Your Paragraphs

Alexis Avila, founder of Prepped and Polished, says that:

“When approaching any essay, remember TET: Thesis / Evidence / Transition. By structuring each paragraph using this model, you will have a strong and clear argument throughout your essay.  If you’re writing a sentence that doesn’t fit under Thesis / Evidence / Transition, then you don’t need it!”

Though it may appear stiff, keeping yourself with a clear structure will get you to an easy to understand essay.


Never Forget to Proofread

Common opine among expert writers is, “writing is rewriting.” Proofreading allows you make sure you communicated what you intended to in a logical error-free manner. Chandra Clarke, founder and president of Scribendi wrote:

“Proofreading a paper before you turn it in can mean the difference between an unacceptable essay and one that will be praised and rewarded with an excellent grade. Too often, however, students skip this crucial step when writing.”

Final Words:

Although these tips are not sufficient for you to write an impeccable essay but they are a promising start from a large variety of essay experts.