The Best Research Paper Topics for College Students

The life at the college is the toughest of all. The overwhelming feeling of leaving friends behind along with the tension of final reports submission, mids, quizzes, rolled notes, and scattered books represent a true picture of the college. The real struggle relating to academics that are faced by students is the selection of a topic for their research paper. The success of the research paper greatly depends on the topic selected. As these papers require a more comprehensive and analytical understanding of the course studied. The best research papers are those that are interesting, argumentative, and scholarly. The three things to consider before finalizing the topic of the research paper are:

  • Look for a topic that provides a worldwide experience. The topic that is currently been part of the discussion and no conclusion is derived upon will make a great topic for you to conduct research on. Find something that is unique and interesting. Writing a research paper is time-consuming, therefore, selecting a topic that sustains our interest in the arduous task of writing a research paper.
  • Don’t be rigid about the subject when writing. The topic must preserve the characteristic to be flexible so that you can change the direction of it the way you want.
  • You should be aware of the changes or update taking place on the selected topics. Be on track with several news portals to be aware if changes happen.

The other things to consider before submitting the final topic for your research are:

Pen down

After gearing up your brain on the three fundamental things mentioned, write down the topics you thing are of your interest. Try to break out the general subject into smaller chunk to narrow it down. Choose the perspective that you want to develop in your research paper. Try to get a hold of the different points of view in which the paper has been written.

Search resources

You have chosen an amazingly distinctive topic but could not get your hands on the resources, which will result is a bad grade on your paper. It is a fundamental means to learn about the resources that could hand over the information that is essential for writing your paper. Typing the topics you are pondering upon on the google search bar, it will show the topics that are trending and also those topics that are part of the books and articles but have not been discussed. This will help you be clearer on the topic.

Some of the topics concerning different fields are listed down to assist you in the selection of your research topic:


If you are a business student then these best topics could be of assistance:

  1. Present Market Trends strategies
  2. Global social media marketing trends
  3. How to foster positive employee relationships
  4. Modern workplace issue
  5. Insurance issues
  6. Business leadership
  7. Workforce regulations
  8. Startup businesses and their taxation
  9. Corporate law


This field is bound to produce exciting research topics because of the advancement that takes place here.

  1. Dangerous pose by automation to human skills and intelligence
  2. The future of computational neuroscience
  3. Hindrance in developing network infrastructure in 3rd world countries
  4. Threats pose by self-driven cars.
  5. Limitation of computer-aided communication
  6. Study of network restrictions
  7. Outer space communication challenges
  8. Ramifications practices in computer-assisted education.


  1. Laws that pertain to protection of victims for freedom of speech
  2. Issues concerning interracial marriages
  3. Safety of children
  4. Animal protection and business interest
  5. Censorship need in entertainment
  6. Foreign policies
  7. Stocking and invasion of policies
  8. Security of e-commerce
  9. Education institutes with no touch policy


  1. Homeschooling
  2. Teacher need and demands
  3. Struggling neophyte teachers
  4. Government support to parents who cannot pay
  5. Conventional and modern ways of studying
  6. Discrimination in education institutes
  7. Inflation in Grades
  8. Standardized test


  1. Identification of assessment method for community health needs
  2. Use of diagnostic medical sonography
  3. Benefits of weight training and aerobic
  4. Down’s syndrome
  5. Fad Diets
  6. Techniques used in coma recovery
  7. Obesity effect on kidney functions
  8. Vaccine controversies


  1. Acid Rain
  2. Greenhouse effect
  3. Marine pollution
  4. Recycling programs
  5. Radioactive waste disposal practices
  6. Soil pollution
  7. Nuclear and energy renewal
  8. Different approaches adopted by government for controlling pollution

You can also concern situation that might have occurred to your friends or perhaps an article that you once read a long time ago on any essay help website. The research paper topic can also evolve in a conversation with a friend or family member.  The thing to remember is that topic is up to date and enough resources are available for its information. It presents a great opportunity to widen our scope of knowledge.