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20 Best Topics on Cause and Effect Essay For 2018

The year 2017 has been a rollercoaster ride for many of us. It has raised a significant number of topics for the present world to ponder on and seal those in writing. It has brought drastic changes that take us to abrupt twist and changes. With the beginning of 2018, we are led to examine why something happened or existed, to speculate about the caused situation and give our thoughts in the form of cause and effect essay as it is a common method of discussing an idea. Here we will be discussing twenty topics that have been raised in 2017 whose causes and effects should be locked down to save ourselves from the chaos that can be created if we didn’t watch out and take these into consideration in the year 2018.

  1. Gender workplace diversity

Gender diversity is the discussion of the trends and issues related to the equal representation of the men and women that work in a firm. With an increase in women rights, the issue of payment is to be discussed.

  1. Do you support death penalty

It is also called capital punishment. It has mixed concerned, so rising because of the difference in the supporters and opponents as there is a risk that an innocent person may be punished

  1. Cost of our connected world

Globalization is a great threat to our privacy. The constant connectivity has raised high concerned on the cybersecurity issue in 2017 and for 2018 as well

  1. Effect of divorce on children

The rate on divorce has reached new peaks. But recently through research it has been found out that children are not that disturbed in the present era as previously believed.

  1. Long distance relationships

Relationships have a significant effect on the overall personality of the person. The trend of long distance relationship has emerged because of raised connectivity on social media platforms. The causes are to be researched to conclude an effect on them.

  1. Influence of internet on kids

Technological advancing has changed the way of parenting. The dependence of parent on technology such as Smartphone’s, tablet etc is having great influence on kids. The schooling techniques have changed because on reliance on the internet having significant effect on the children

  1. Technological advancement and their impact on culture

Technological advances and its impact on culture in 2018

  1. Increases use of robotics and human workforce

Robots are replacing human workforce, reducing employment opportunities in the workplace raising concern for the present workforce.

  1. Value of virtual universities degree

The number of virtual universities is increasing providing an option for students to work while attaining a degree but its value is still a matter of consideration in 2018

  1. Influence on Careem or uber on taxi drivers

Taxi drivers are being replaced by uber and Careem services, the influence 2018 will have on them and if they will still continue to drive or uber and Careem are going to be dominant and eradicate the taxi drivers and own this profession.

  1. Effect of homeschooling

People now view homeschooling as an easy option for their children

  1. Continued racism and discrimination in society

In spite of the raised awareness and concerns of discrimination and racism, it has still not been eradicated from the world. Plus the increase in the number of gays is also testing the society

  1. Effect of violent video games on children and teenagers

Violent video games are brainwashing the children regardless of the message displaced of don’t try this at home. Some standard policies should be set out bearing in mind the effect of them.

  1. Effect of pictures and video-based social sites on the young generation

The trend to share very minor and major thing on the internet has made our youngsters addicted to these sides. Discussing the effect of them and working to further evolve or devolve should be set up

  1. Increased drugs addiction

Drugs usage is increasing be it for showing off your standard, becoming cool in front of others, dealing with depression or for something else, must be fathomed and culminate its usage to portray an improved scenario in 2018

  1. Single-sex class and their effect on children

Concerned has been raised on this subject but further investigation will aid us in selecting a more effective way to conduct classes.

  1. Increase in credit culture

Credit culture, however, has provided comfort to us but it is also a risk. Investigation of it causes will help us to watch out for going forward with it.

  1. Effect of online sales on business

The business world has changed drastically because of the online businesses and has disturbed the market rate.

  1. Effect of children to over-scheduling activities by parents

Effective planning and understanding will help us in scheduling our child activity.

  1. Causes of depression

Its study will help us to prevent this situation from occurring again.

Make sure the chosen topic is evaluated on the right stance because it will be considered as a turning stone for the year 2018.