How to avoid plagiarism

How to get rid of Plagiarism in your essays?

Are you copying someone’s work? Stop right there!
Do you know the literary term for copying work of someone else without giving credits?
It is called “PLAGIARISM.”

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism means to copy ideas, words, thoughts, or arguments of some other person without permission or authorization. It is a theft where you represent work of another person by your own. Copying work of someone shows how little knowledge a person has who is copying works of other. It can often lead to major copyright issues.

Some people do not want to copy other’s work intentionally. But due to excess of work, sadly they do it. Just imagine yourself getting essays on a daily basis, and that too of four to five courses!

Sounds tough? We know it can surely get hard meeting deadlines. Therefore people often end up copying the works of others to easily do their assigned tasks.

It is unprofessional and unethical on so many levels. To avoid plagiarism in essay writing, we are listing below some easy expert tricks. Go through these, and be a champion in essay writing.

11 expert tricks that will help you avoid plagiarism in essay writing

  • Begin as soon as possible

Start away once you get a topic to write on. Do not delay it. In the end when students have little time to submit their assigned essays, they often end up copying it from different sources. Take proper time to research on the topic given. Understand it first and then create a best content that you can! Give your best shot – we want you to get a golden star on your report card.

  • Cite the sources

Some professors prefer to look at the list you have cited in your essays and some professors do not care about it. So firstly, ask your professor if it is necessary for the essay he has assigned to you. If yes then you need to know how to cite correctly otherwise it won’t make a difference if there’s no citation at all or you have done it incorrectly. So make sure, first you learn how to cite work of someone else!

  • Quote it properly

If you are willing to quote what another person has said and you believe it is perfect for your topic – “QUOTE IT” right away! Remember the exact phrase said by that famous person and do not change it in your own words. No one wants to be misquoted! We tell you.

  • Use proper references

To avoid plagiarism, you can use references in your essays to all the sources you have taken. A reference table is easier to use that can include details about the authors, the source title, date of publication, and etc. You can also follow the format given by your institute for referencing.

  • Wing it? Oh no. Paraphrase it!

The one tool to rule your report card! Yes, we are talking about the paraphrasing tools. Once you have to find the authentic information or the closest references with your essays. Now is the time to understand it properly, and paraphrase it in your own words. If it is getting a little tough for you, you can also paraphrase it using some highly professional paraphrasing tool on the internet to avoid plagiarism.

  • Adding value to your essay

You may find lot of authentic information while surfing internet but that does not mean you have to use all that information in your essay. You can add your own insights too and what you think regarding that topic! You’ll get a crown of intellectuality if you include your knowledge too. And that is only possible if you have done extensive research on your essay topic.

  • Do not rely on one source

Be creative. Do not rely on one source only. You can use encyclopedias, websites, e-papers, podcasts, surveys, interviews, and so on. Depending on one source can lead you to plagiarism. You can also conduct primary research or even secondary research if needed.

  • No copy pasting

Do not forget to credit the works you get from the internet. If you are scrolling through search pages and getting information from there regarding your essays, then don’t forget to add a proper citation to the work you’re taking from the internet. You may consider it not a book, but isn’t it someone else’s work? Yes and that too, authentic one. Then be careful with it and do not copy it, as it will give plagiarism otherwise.

  • Take help online

If you are stuck with the question “who can write my essay urgently” as you are unable to work on your given essays or you are busy with some other important task then worry not! You can take help from professional writing services. These essay writing services can help you by bringing your work on fingertips and your “stress to the bin” by providing you, expert writers. These highly professional writers can write essays for you the way you want them, getting you high-scoring marks.

  • Plagiarism checker

Internet is full of online plagiarism checker but some of them aren’t good.
You can pick the best one like Grammarly and use it to double-check whether you have copied work from some other source or is it good to go! It does not require much to put your work through a plagiarism checker and make yourself sure about its originality. At least you can phew after it!

  • Consult your professor

Consult your professor before working on given essays. We have mentioned it before, some professors give their own guidelines instead of following the normal format of essays. As you are writing an essay on a senior level, it may be possible that your professor has asked for a reference page or maybe an in-text citation. Do how your professors guide you!

Final Thoughts

We hope you prepare your essay accordingly. Try to meet the deadlines given to you by your professors.
Keep these effective eleven tricks on your mind before starting working on the given topics. Or in case if you find it hard, then simply hire expert writers from UK essay writing services.
We wish you success!