How to Write Animal Testing Essay – A Start-To-Finish Guide

Animal testing is a serious issue that needs more attention than it is currently receiving. It refers to experimentation on animals, exploring reactions of different irritants on their bodies. From the beginning of scientific advancements, medical and biological studies have been using this method. However, in modern day the cruel practice has become even more common. Cosmetics, food, hygiene products and more are being tested on animals to ensure if they are safe for human use. Here we have a complete guide to help you along in writing about this topic. Our animal testing essay outline will shed light on all the important elements that should be included in this paper.

Approaches to the essay

There are basically two ways to approach the topic of animal testing. You can choose to explore its historical context which will not require a personal viewpoint. It is important to remember that you must be objective and unprejudiced in this type of writing.

The second approach is writing an argumentative essay. There are various perspectives through which you can present this topic to the readers. The arguments you put forward should be persuasive enough to convince the audience of your views.

Discussing the negative side of animal testing

If you choose to write against animal testing, then the essay would be highlighting the negative aspects of the practice.

Following are some animal testing arguments you can use:

•Animal testing is cruel and the experiment subjects undergo immense suffering.
•There are alternatives which can replace animals.
•Human biology is different from animals. Hence the practice is unjustified.
•Even products that have successful results on animals have proved to be harmful for people.
•There are other research methods that are much cheaper in comparison to animal experimentation.
•Failed test attempts are a barbaric way of ending animal lives.
•From religious point of view, all life including of animals deserves respect and mercy.

Discussing the positive side of animal testing

This is a difficult take to structure the essay upon, as animal testing is seen as an abomination by most people. But we also have some pro-animal testing suggestions you can work on:

•Animal testing produces countless beneficial treatments and saves millions of human lives.
•There are still no legitimate equivalents as close to human bodies as animals to use for experimentation.
•It prevents dangerous and life-threatening experiments being done on people.
•There are a good number of legislations that keeps endangered or rare species safe from experimentation.
•Religion establishes the value of human life above all else.
•The life of animals is an insignificant price to pay in return of medical and scientific progress.

Structuring the essay

Now that we have decided to choose one or the other view to write about, it is time to move on to the structure. Any essay needs to be well-formed to prove its worth and this one is no exception. A standard essay consists an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion.

The introduction: It presents the main issue and your research question. Provide a definition of the topic for the readers and a brief overview to ensure they understand your idea. Keep the introduction interesting in order to engage the audience.

The body: The main paragraphs represent the arguments, further information and your views on the problem. It is important to break it all into neat paragraphs. This improves the readability of the essay. It is best to have separate paragraphs for each new idea.

The conclusion: Here is where we sum up all that we have written, and bring the essay to a close. Refrain from adding new information and try to give a proper solution of the issue in question.

The outline of a pro-animal testing essay should look something like this: