We want to serve our customers with sincerity ensuring the quality services, and therefore we provide the money back guarantee to our customers if they are not satisfied with the work we provided them. We ensure to incorporate the quality in our all services and if we are not satisfied to meet the expectations of our customers then they the right to ask us for the refund.

There are some conditions according to which you can request for the refund, these are:

We will refund your money if,

  • We are not able to provide the work on the given deadline
  • The essay provided to you is plagiarized
  • The essay is different from the instructions you provided
  • We revised your essay many times and still you are not satisfied with our work.

Also, note that,

  • We would not provide you with the 100% refund to all the claims. 10% of the total would be taken due to the different deducted charges
  • You can request a refund claim within 15 days after we have delivered the order
  • Urgent orders will not be refunded
  • You can ask us for the revision before the refund claim
  • No refund will be provided without the feedback and the results provided to the student.
  • If you have made the refund claim that you cannot use the paper we provide and in this condition it will be our property. We reserve the right to take a strong action if you will use the paper after the refund claim.
  • For the minor mistakes including references citations and formatting, we will not provide the refund
  • If you submitted your essay without asking for the revision then it means that you have accepted the paper and we will not accept the refund claim.
  • If you request the revision before the submission of the paper then you would be provided with the refund of certain amount.
  • For failure or poor grades we will not provide the refund as we are not responsible for that
  • We have the right to reject any refund claim.

Important note: Any threats provided to the company will be considered as the offence and will be reported immediately to the responsible authorities. We also reserve the right to take strong legal action against such misconduct.

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